The Historic Underground House
Las Vegas

If you were to look at this private Las Vegas home from the street, you probably wouldn’t think much of it. It’s fairly mundane, just a two-story house that looks like it was built sometime in the 1980's. However, 26 feet below the house is an amazing treasure.

The Underground House is a luxury cold war-era home with over 15,000 square feet and comes complete with artificial trees, faux rocks, and life-like scenery which include hand painted murals with scenes from homes the original owner had around the world. The lights can be adjusted to imitate different times of the day and there are twinkling stars on the ceiling to imitate the night sky. This underground residence has a four-hole putting green, two hot tubs, a sauna, a dance floor, a bar, a barbecue, and swimming pool. The main house has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also a casita. This exclusive private home over the years has hosted receptions, weddings, corporate meetings as well as been featured in film, television, and printmedia.

This unique piece of Vegas history was built in the 1970's by Jerry Henderson, a businessman and philanthropist who was a director of Avon Products. He died in 1983. The décor of this home reflects the era in which it was built. In 1964, Henderson pioneered underground living and sponsored the Underground Home exhibit at the New York World's Fair. 




World Famous

The Underground House has been featured as the backdrop for projects that are world famous. 


Juno Calypso

What To Do With A Million Years



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